When you need an experienced, caring insurance agency in Kentucky, turn to us.

Most people need insurance of some form or other. However, finding the right policy in the endless sea of options gets overwhelming and confusing quickly. When you need help navigating the options to find the right coverage for your unique situation, having the assistance of an experienced insurance agency makes a world of difference.


Whether you want to protect your interests and assets in a large business operation or just want to find affordable car and home insurance, our team at Kimeo Smith Agency wants to be your resource for all things insurance-related. We’ll get to know you so we can better understand your needs, and then we will do the tedious work of sorting through policy options. We’ll help you find coverage that meets all your criteria, and then we’ll continue to be there to support you if you ever need additional assistance with things like filing a claim or reviewing and updating your policy as your circumstances change. We also offer additional financial planning services to help you better prepare for the future.

If you’re living in Kentucky and want the help of an experienced, caring insurance agency, look no further than our team. Reach out today to get started with a quote!

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Reach out today to get started with a quote!

At Kimeo Smith Agency, we proudly provide insurance and other financial planning services to customers located throughout Tennessee, Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio and Pennsylvania.


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