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Life insurance provides your family with stability.

Life insurance is an essential tool that gives your loved ones financial stability in the event of your passing. Our team at Kimeo Smith Agency can help you understand your options regarding life insurance, including how universal life insurance might fit your needs. Over the years, we’ve helped countless clients in the Antioch, Tennessee area find the right policies, and we’re sure we can give you the support you need as well.

Universal Life Insurance in Antioch, Tennessee

Universal life insurance, like other life insurance plans, pays your beneficiaries a death benefit in the event of your passing. This lets them pay off debts, support the family financially, and cover funeral costs. In addition, there is a cash value component to universal life insurance. As part of the policy, part of your premiums is deposited into a cash account, where the money accumulates interest. Throughout your life, you may access or borrow against this for a variety of uses, such as supporting education costs, covering unforeseen medical bills, or boosting retirement income.

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This type of insurance also gives you more flexibility than you might see in other policies. As a policyholder, you can modify the amount and frequency of premiums paid, subject to certain limitations. This adaptability may come in handy when there are budget constraints or significant financial changes.

Our team can talk to you about your options when it comes to universal life insurance, as well as its advantages, which include lifetime coverage, the ability to watch your cash value grow, and tax-free money for your beneficiaries when you’ve passed. We also help you understand the details associated with this type of plan, as the terms and conditions might be confusing.

If you’re curious about your life insurance options, including universal life insurance, contact our team today.

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